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The Gods Must Be Crazy…

January 13, 2006

Now by “Gods” I mean the Wizards of the Coast R&D team, in this instance. It seems that these good folks have opened a continuous submission deadline for freelance designers and developers via a standardized application process. The task: Design a 2,500- to 4,000-word D&D adventure, then design a specific game element (feat, spell, or magic item) to accompany it. To imply that this opportunity represents the first step towards a dream-come-true for me is understatement… I just hope that no one from the review team glances over this site in the coming months…!



Inaugural Post!

January 10, 2006

Howdy. This is the Mixed Nut Farm, where we grow the finest and best-mixed nuts and ship them directly to your web browser. If you’ve never encountered one of our fine mixed nuts, you’ll find them scattered about the country in alternative bookstores and coffee shops, yammering in a seemingly incomprehensible language about fantastical characters and situations well beyond the realm of reality.

Yes, we are gamers. Here be dragons, books, dice, and – occasionally – heaping piles of creativity. Anyone reading the posts in this blog should be prepared for a heavy dose of nerdiness. You have been warned.