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Faeruniladium (fā-rūnʹ-ĭ-lāʺ-dī-ŭm)

January 17, 2006

Faeruniladium (n): The name used to describe the combination of two very different fantasy campaign settings: Faerun of Forgotten Realms (Wizards of the Coast) and… uh, does the continent even have a name in Palladium Fantasy (Palladium Books)? While this term was not coined by myself for once, it serves as an accurate representation of what is being done. If you need to ask why it’s being done, you’d best stop reading now…

“Faeruniladium” fits for one because it’s hard to say, hard to read, and hard to spell; nothing else about this conversion has been easy, why should the name? Secondly, the name is completely Faerun with a hefty smidgeon of Palladium tacked onto the end, which is pretty much how the conversion has gone so far… It’s been a parlor trick of slipping completely non-Faerunian elements (somewhat) seamlessly into the Campaign Setting while preserving the Palladium-specific elements that we all really liked and making room for the characters we wanted to play. This is what we’ve got so far…